INTEGRA Conference - Matera

On 24 November 2018 a conference dedicated to the project will take place in Matera. All the representatives of the Operative Units involved will give their contribution.

Here you can find the program of the event.

INTEGRA project presentation

On Saturday 16 December 2017, the congress of the Integra project was held in Mantua.

The dott. Calzone providing an illustration of the project, Drs. Olioso and Remi reported the screening experience from two different points of view, respectively “The screening experience of the ASST NPI Services in Mantua and the problems of neurodevelopment in children of migrants “and” The experience of speech-language screening in the ATS of the Val Padana “. The intervention of Dr. Pettenati concerned the “Identification of Language Delays and Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Foreign Populations”.

The program dell’evento.